Daydreamers is more than just an album, it’s the diary of two travellers, one from Canada and the other from Germany. For several years, David Celia & Marla (Marlene Winkler) have been going on long tours together, before settling down in Toronto to reflect and write songs. Filled with nostalgia and confidence, the two have explored many lands, playing over 200 shows all over Europe, Canada & Russia with their voices and guitars. The eleven songs on their first joint record are also eleven musical postcards for anyone who has ever dreamt of being on the move. Their vocal harmonies blend together with hints of 60’s folk, yet remain timeless.

Their first co-write, ‘Lover of Mine’, is an outlook on their relationship and the challenges of relationships in general where they fantasize about a bright future together whilst maintaining a realistic attitude. ‘Warming Words’, ‘All In Rhyme’ & ‘Where Are You’ share similar sentiments which include confronting issues before they arise and missing each other when apart.

The opening track on Daydreamers was inspired by Pete Seeger’s collection of songbooks entitled ‘Carry It On!’ – Pete’s passion for everyone singing together a metaphor for his hopes of world peace. The music and words to ‘Carry It On’ and ‘Luddite Blues’ in particular, were an unconscious response to this philosophy.

Socially critical lyrics, driving melodies, wistful words about overseas romances; this is how Marla & David Celia playfully take you on a colourful ride through Daydreamers, their delightful debut album. Sharing a similar passion for realizing gratitude towards things that come their way – creating and performing music is the greatest way to express this as it’s what brought them together in the first place.

And so they choose to bring this music to listeners here, there and everywhere by touring around the globe.

“Close your eyes and you could be sitting on a rocking chair on a 70’s Laurel Canyon porch”

Release date: August 17 2018

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