Jetbone (SWE), New album “Come Out And Play”, released on major label BMG on 20 April 2018

Rock n Roll is better than a permanent job. – a classic statement by Kal P Dal, a legendary Swedish Rock’n’Roll star from the Seventies, way before the boys in Jetbone were even born.
For six years Jetbone tried to combine touring with studies and work, before realizing that Kal P Dal was absolutely right. They all quit their day time jobs, gave up apartments, said goodbye to their girlfriends and agreed to do 200 gigs in 2017. While recording their forthcoming third album.

Now it’s 2018: The ambitious plan and the hard work has paid off.
Jetbone signed a worldwide recording and publishing deal with BMG for their upcoming 3rd album “Come Out And Play”, to be released on 20 April 2018.

With their youthful age (the youngest just turned 21) and their true Rock’n’Roll spirit Jetbone stirs up the current music scene. Their well-deserved reputation as a fantastic live band has been growing as a wild fire and the crowds are getting bigger each time.
Jetbone’s no temporary trend, they’re the real deal. Go see them live, talk to them and you’ll find out that this band is not only about the music. It’s their entire life and lifestyle, it’s what they do.

There’s a lot of buzz and excitement for this upcoming release that has been recorded and produced by Martin Karlegard and mixed by legendary Stefan Glaumann (Rammstein, Backyard Babies) adding an extra dimension to the band’s already much grown sound, but keeping it honest and sincere as it’s supposed to be with Jetbone.
Be a part of that new Rock’n’Roll generation – “Come Out And Play”.
But be aware they’ll make you dance!

“Come Out And Play” – Record Release Tour:
19/04/2018 Leipzig (Germany), So Und So
20/04/2018 Dortmund (Germany), Blue Notez
21/04/2018 Eindhoven (Netherlands), Wilhelmina
22/04/2018 Weert (Netherlands), De Bosuil
23/04/2018 Solothurn (Switzerland), Kofmehl
26/04/2018 Barcelona (Spain), Rocksound
27/04/2018 Lleida (Spain), Café Teatre
28/04/2018 Zaragoza (Spain), Lata de Bombillas
29/04/2018 Bilbao (Spain), Museo Maritimo
30/04/2018 A Coruna (Spain), Forum Celticum
01/05/2018 Cangas (Spain), Salason
02/05/2018 Madrid (Spain, La Boite
03/05/2018 Valencia (Spain), El Loco Club
04/05/2018 Pamplona (Spain), Indara
05/05/2018 Hondarribia (Spain), Psilocybenea
10/05/2018 Torino (Italy), Blah Blah
11/05/2018 Verona (Italy), Club Il Giardino
12/05/2018 Cantu, Como (Italy), All’1e35 Circa
17/05/2018 Luzern (Switzerland), Schüür
18/05/2018 Seewen (Switzerland), Gaswerk
19/05/2018 Fürth (Germany), New Orleans Festival
03/06/2018 Oud-Turnhout (Belgium), Goezoet Festival
07/06/2018 Münster (Germany), JuWi Festival
08/06/2018 Köln (Germany), Jungle Club
09/06/2018 Eisenach (Germany), Schlachthof
15/06/2018 Leeuwarden (Netherlands), Manana Manana Festival
13/07/2018 Weert (Netherlands), Bospop Festival
15/07/2018 Weert (Netherlands), Bospop Festival

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